Benefits of our subscription package for event organisers

Benefits of our subscription package for large scale organisers

We have recently introduced an exciting new subscription package that provides a unique and comprehensive suite of advanced event management and promotional tools at a fixed rate of £9.99 per month, regardless of revenue generated.

This solution is ideal for organisers of both small and large events, as it provides an end-to-end ticketing solution where hosts can create, promote and manage their events all from one platform and from a single dashboard. No more using multiple platforms to manage your events, saving you considerable time and money!

Our subscription package will save you a very large amount of money as there is no per ticket commission applied. That means you can sell hundreds of thousands of pounds in ticket sales for your large scale events and we will only charge you £199 per month.

To see the benefits of our subscription package for large scale event organisers, check out the below points:

1. Comprehensive ticketing solution

From customisable event pages, multiple tier ticketing to affiliate programs, KweekWeek packs all the functionality needed by the most demanding event organisers. We have made sure that every aspect of your event can be customised as needed.

2. Powerful promotional tools

KweekWeek offers organisers multiple promotional tools to help you sell tickets faster. These include the ability to create Promotional codes, Affiliate links to reward users that generate sales via sharing your event page link and full integration with Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.

3. Track all statistics from a single dashboard

Instead of using multiple platforms to manage your event, we provide all the functionalities you need to track your sales statistics and attendees information. Using our real-time analytics dashboard, you can see the total number of tickets sold, their total gross revenue, a visual representation of the number of  page views to your event, the number of tickets sold by week/fortnight/date the event was published and the gender ratio.

This information is accessible via the Web app but also in real-time through our apps.

4. Scalable technology

Our infrastructure is tuned to specifically tackle the challenges faced by high-volume events and we are perfectly set-up to make sure the platform can handle sudden traffic surges. Our London based tech team provide 24/7 monitoring of the server load and prepare for high traffic situations.

5. Integrated email marketing tool

You can also benefit from our integrated email tool to send out emails to your attendees, users who Wishlisted your event or your own imported contact list. This saves you the time and cost of using external email marketing platforms, such as MailChimp and Constant Contact. The subscription package allows organisers to send up to 50,000 email invites per day.

6. Website integration

We can provide you with an HTML code to allow you to place our responsive integrated payment form on to your own website. Users can then book tickets to the event from your official website but you will still have full access to your KweekWeek Event Management section.

For more information on website integration, click HERE


7. Privacy tools to control access to your events

To limit the access to your event or access to a specific ticket type, you can use Unlock codes that you can share only with specific people. You can also make the event private so it is not visible to the general public.

8. Manage your events on the go via the app

Track your sales statistics, attendee information and other metrics in real-time through a dedicated dashboard on the iOS and Android app. You can also use as many devices as needed as scanners to check-in attendees during the event.

9. In-built algorithm – your event are targeted to only potential attendees

KweekWeek’s in-built algorithm pushes events to users based on their interests, location and social networks. As such, your large-scale events will only be targeted to users who represent potential attendees.

10. Secure payment systems

We offer the highest standard of security when it comes to our payment solution, while also offering a one tap booking facility to our users. Our system is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1.

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