How to find events

Our mission at KweekWeek is to offer you the best events so you never get bored! For this reason, there are many ways for you to see what is on.

Finding events on our website:

  • The KweekWeek homepage will suggest you our major events on the banner, which you will easily notice at the top of the page. Underneath the banner, you can also find our Featured events(these are recommended by us), Today and Tomorrow’s events, and the latest events published on the platform
  • You can also search events in the search bar at the top of the homepage. You will then be able to narrow down your search by filtering the events that appear by category, date, location or price

Browse page on KweekWeek

  • We have created a ‘Just For You’ bucket where we recommend events based on your interests (click HERE to hear more about this). Just click on the settings wheel on the top right-hand side corner and in the drop-down menu, click on ‘Discover’. You will now be able to see your ‘Just For You’ section.


Finding events on our app: 

  • Open the app and straight away you will see all our Featured events. You can also move the yellow slider to other sections by scrolling to the right. You will be able to see ‘Just For You’, ‘Trending’, ‘Today’, ‘Tomorrow’ and ‘Redeemable’ events
  • If you tap on the map icon on the top right-hand corner, you will be able to see what events are happening near to you
  • Tapping on the search icon will bring you to a page where you can filter events by dates, category and location


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