What are ‘Featured’ events?

These are the top suggestions by KweekWeek to all its users.The Featured events are what our users first come across when they visit our website or app. Hosts can pay £20 per week to have their event in this section, which we definitely recommend as it helps considerably with ticket sales!

On our website, you can find our ‘Featured’ events in two ways: 

On the homepage, click on ‘Featured’ and a list of events will appear. To view more of these, click on ‘See more’


Or you can click on the search icon on the panel at the top of the homepage and under ‘Type’, click on ‘Featured’


Tip: You can filter the results shown in the Featured section by date, location and price.

To find the Featured events on our app:

  • once you open the app, you will see all of our Featured events straight away!