What does the subscription plan provide?

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Our exciting new subscription package is PERFECT for event organisers as it provides a unique and comprehensive suite of advanced event management and promotional tools at a fixed monthly or annual rate. Organisers can either sign up to the annual plan which costs just £99.99 or they can sign up to our £9.99 monthly plan. These fees will stay the same regardless of revenue generated and ZERO commission is charged.

Here are 8 things that KweekWeek’s subscription plan provides organisers with:

1. Zero commission 

In comparison to other ticketing platforms that charge very high commission, KweekWeek’s subscription plan charges organisers ZERO commission. This can, depending on how much revenue you make on ticket sales, save you thousands of pounds each month.

2. Fixed Monthly Fee

Rather than feeling stressed after each event, wondering how much money you will be losing in commission charges, you can feel relaxed knowing that KweekWeek will only charge £9.99 per month (or £99.99 if you are on the annual plan). There are no hidden commission charges, just a small payment processing fee which you can always add to the ticket price.

3. Uncapped limit on the number of events you create and ticket sales

For only £9.99 per month, organisers can create an unlimited number of events and ticket sales. Regardless of revenue generated,the monthly subscription fee will not change. So you can feel relaxed knowing that the price stays fixed each month.

4.  Access to powerful promotional tools

KweekWeek offers organisers multiple promotional tools to help you sell tickets faster. These include the ability to create Promotional codes, Affiliate links to reward users that generate sales via sharing your event page link and full integration with Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.

5.  A single dashboard to keep track of all ticket sales statistics

Instead of using multiple platforms to manage your event, we provide all the functionalities you need to track your sales statistics and attendees information. Using our real-time analytics dashboard, you can see the total number of tickets sold, their total gross revenue, a visual representation of the number of  page views to your event, the number of tickets sold by week/fortnight/date the event was published and the gender ratio.

6. A comprehensive ticketing solution

From customisable event pages, multiple tier ticketing to affiliate programs, KweekWeek packs all the functionality needed by the most demanding event organisers. We have made sure that every aspect of your event can be customised as needed.

7. Integrated email marketing tool

You can also benefit from our integrated email tool to send out emails to your attendees, users who Wishlisted your event or your own imported contact list. This saves you the time and cost of using external email marketing platforms. The subscription package includes up to 50,000 email invites per day.

8. Option for website integration

We can provide you with an HTML code to allow you to place our responsive integrated payment form on to your own website. Users can then book tickets to the event from your official website but you will still have full access to your KweekWeek Event Management section.

To find out more information on integrating the payment forms onto your own website, click HERE

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