What’s the best pricing plan for me?

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Whether you are a small event organiser who hosts 2-3 events a year or an organiser with events every day, we have the perfect pricing plan to suit your needs!

The two pricing options we provide event organisers with are a Subscription or a Pay As You Go package. Our Pay As You Go plan is aimed at event organisers who host small and few events during the year. They will be charged a small commission rate of 5% per sold ticket. For organisers around the world who host regular events from music festivals to conferences, our subscription plan is the best option. Regardless of revenue generated, we will only charge you a fixed monthly or annual fee. This means you can happily put up as many events as you like and sell as many tickets as you like knowing that you will never be hit with any commission.

Our subscription plan consists of an annual plan where organisers pay £99.99 (€139.99/$149.99) for the full year or we have a monthly £9.99(€13.99/$14.99) option. The annual plan lasts 12 months and can not be cancelled until the end of the year. For example, if you sign up to the annual plan on 1 June, you can not cancel the plan until June the following year.  The monthly plan can be cancelled with 1 month’s notice. For example, if you start the monthly plan on 1 January and cancel it on 15 February, your last billing month will be March.

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